David Skudlik
David Skudlik



I'm an entrepreneur in the arts, music and fashion scene currently living in between Berlin, Munich and Rome. As a son of an author and a musician & festival founder, I have been closely drawn to many art forms from my early childhood on.

With the accessoire label RAPHAEL ROGGENDORF I co-founded my first company while still being in school, which immediately sparked my love for entrepreneurship.

During my studies, I was mainly involved in supporting soloists and chamber music ensembles from the ranks of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic with their booking, working with concert presenters in Germany, Italy, the US, India and Japan.

I am now concentrating on building  communications and branding strategies, offering digital productions and marketing campaigns with a strong focus on the arts and entertainment sector.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural and Media Management from the University of Music and Theatre Studies in Hamburg and I'm a proud member of the GLOBAL SHAPERS and SANDBOX.